• Works made for hire, derivative works, joint works, and collective works
  • Fair use and implied license analyses
  • Joint-venture agreements
  • Renewal, reversion, termination
  • Transfers of copyright
  • Due diligence/mergers and acquisitions
  • Protection and registration of characters
  • Policing and dispute resolution
  • Infringement litigation*


  • Trademark clearance
  • Domestic and foreign registration and post-registration
  • Infringement, dilution and unfair competition litigation*
  • License agreements
  • Due diligence/mergers and acquisitions


  • Software and data licensing
  • Trademark and character licenses
  • Licenses for use of content in all media


  • Book publishing agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Literary agency agreements
  • Contribution agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Permissions and releases
  • Prepublication reviews
  • Defamation
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Right of publicity


  • Advertising copy and content clearance and related issues (including potential violations of right of privacy and right of publicity)
  • Media strategy agreements
  • Sweepstakes/contests rules and collateral materials
  • Sponsorship and endorsement agreements
  • Compliance with CAN-SPAM laws and regulation


  • Website and mobile app development agreements
  • Terms of use
  • Consumer-facing privacy policies
  • Privacy compliance
  • E-commerce agreements
  • Domain name selection and infringement